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Sound Advice & Expertise

1Y has been established in the property markets for many years, commercial property, residential, golfing resorts, vacation homes. Understanding this marketplace on a global basis, working in the UK , Portugal, Spain has enabled 1Y to build strong business relationships and having a clear vision and foresight to work on unique projects in key locations which guarantee success.

Property Development can be very straightforward Capital is required  in most cases, 1Y can assist in finding the property and location, assist with finance, 1Y can advise on developments, land purchase, design build and exit strategies, and a variety of other projects all over the world. 1Y own and manage property portfolios for our clients in London, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Canary Islands, Barbados, Malaysia & Dubai. Our clients have diversified their investment portfolios the demand for good sound advice and expertise has led us to this exciting  partnership.

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Oil & Gas Products

1Y work directly with end-buyers, end-sellers and buyer’s mandates for crude oil and petroleum products buying and selling.

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The telecommunications marketplace is very competitive, 1Y work with our business partners and have strong alliances around the globe.

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