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1Y London Ltd have focussed on the Oil industry, Oil supply is now part of a vast global economic matrix that must accommodate the delicate task of balancing today's needs with those of tomorrow and, indeed, decades into the future. 1y London Ltd have taken a view that with a bigger gap between supply and demand, greater spare capacity, higher inventories to work with and solid reliable partners to form working relationships we have an opportunity that will benefit all parties. 1Y London Ltd can assist in arranging supply and also provide customers with commitment to long term projects.


1Y London Ltd are working to launch an International Roaming sim card, also providing International SMS solutions. Our property portfolio is expanding and projects are underway in the Middle East and Africa. Our Technology division has encryption products, tracking and currently working on an escrow platform.







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Partner Locations

Simon Buksh - UK


Sajid Mahmood - UK


George Ochieze - Nigeria


Mark Weir - Spain